How to Recover Windows, Android & iPhone Password?


In the world of windows, iPhones, and androids we got hundreds of applications. Every application needs a unique password. Sometimes we go overboard and play with different passwords and this ultimately leads to confusion and we often forget all the passwords. But, you can easily recover a forgotten password of an application as it allows you to recover and reset your password again. But, what if you fail to remember your main key passwords of your Windows, iPhone, or android? It is like losing the keys to your main door.

Well, if you are looking for a solution for recovering your window, iPhone or android we are here to tell you some interesting and fun ways to recover your password. So, stick around if that sounds interesting.

Recover Windows Password With Your Eyes Shut

Whether you are using Windows 10, Windows 7, or Windows 8 We bought all the easy and simple ways that help you in retrieving your password. So, let’s dive right in by starting with the latest version.

Recover Windows Password

Here is how you can recover your Windows 10 password using a Microsoft account:

It is common to have a Microsoft account in your windows10 as the system forces the user to create an account. This account makes the process of recovery much easier.

● Firstly connect your pc to the internet  

● You can see an option that says “forget my password” on the screen

● After tapping on that option it will direct you to another tab that asks you to enter your email address which is connected with your Microsoft account.

● Immediately, Microsoft will send you a verification email with a code in it.

● Enter the verification code on the login page this will lead you to a tab where you can set a new password.

Retrieve Your Windows 8 Password With Reset Disk:

This is applicable for both Windows 7 and 8 however the backdrop with this method is that you should have created a password reset disk. If you happened to have an account then here are the steps that you need to reset your password.

● As soon as you open your windows login page it will show you a link that says “Reset password”

● Once you click on this link you will be asked some easy answer questions.

● After answering you can simply tap on the next

● Now, hit on the password rest from the list of options and click on next

● This takes to a tab where you can set a new password along with a hint.

● Now, select the “next” button and tap on “finish”

● With this process, now you can log in with your new password without any hassle.

Retrieve Your Windows 7 Password by Using the Command Prompt:

As this said before you can reset your password using the reset disk but what if you don’t have an account on the password reset disk? This method will guide you in retrieving your Windows 7 password if you don’t have a reset disk.

Firstly, you should have the administrator account to use the command prompt to reset your password. If you have an administrator account then follow these steps to set your password.

● Start your windows and tap on “All programs”

● Now click on “Accessories”

● Once you tap on the accessories you will see a list of options

● Pick the “common prompt” from the list by tapping on it.

● As you click on you can notice an option called “Run as administration”

● This option will allow you to run the command prompt in administrator mode.

● After opening the command prompt go on typing the listed commands

● Tap on “enter” and this will allow you to reset your password

● Finally, set a username and new password and login with them.

Restoring an iPhone Password is Not Rocket Science:

Forgetting the iPhone password can be a nightmare as you will only 6 chances to enter the correct password so use your chances wisely by following the given methods.

Recover iphone Password

Get the password of your iPhone by using iTunes (applicable for all models)

No matter what iPhone model you are using we bought you a method that works for all. But, there are three things you need to apply this method

1. Obviosly, your iPhone

2. A computer with iTunes (any type will work)

3. A good cable

That’s it!! Now, follow the step to reset your iPhone

Note: one cannot bypass your iPhone without entering the right password. However, you can retrieve the password but this will remove all your data.

● Firstly, connect your iPhone to your pc.

● Hold your power and volume buttons at the same time until you get an iTunes screen popup.

● You can only remove your password by restoring it which costs losing your data.

● Now, click on the “restore and update” option that shows up on your PC

● Now a couple of tabs will open which ask for the permissions and the latest version just click on “next” and “agree” to continue with the process.

● This leads to the iPhone update which takes less than 15 minutes.

● Once it is done go ahead and click “restore iPhone” and Hola..!! You successfully restored. Now, set up your phone and use it.

Here is How Google Can Help You in Recovering Your Android Password:

When it comes to Android Google’s “find my device” will help you in recovering your password. Read the following steps to know more.

Recover Android Mobile Password

Note: To make this process work on your phone you should have logged into a Google account.

● Now go to on your PC and log in with your Google account.

● This will show a bunch of devices that have the same account

● Now, pick the android that you want to restore

● Now, the screen will show you three options “Ring”, “lock” and “erase”’

● Tap on “lock” and this will show you a new tap where you can reset your password

● Now reset your password and enter the new password in your locked android device

● Immediately, the android opens up without any issues.


No matter what device you are using you can recover a password without any hassle. Use the above methods, if you found yourself in an “I forgot my password” kind of situation.

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