How to Hide Apps On iPhone?


An iPhone allows you to experiment and explore some great and powerful features. However, how to hide Apps on iPhone? is often heard. especially, if you just switched from android to iPhone.

 An iPhone doesn’t provide one specific requirement to its users which is” hiding apps”. We often end up in a situation where we need to hide our apps to secure our privacy but being an iPhone user, that can be a little hard. 

Don’t worry!! because we bought you four simple yet fun settings that you can do to hide your apps  without any hassle.

Hide With Restriction Mode

Now -a- days iPhone became essential and children of age 5 started using it. So, Apple came up with this amazing feature called “Restriction mode” a special feature whose sole purpose is to “ hide unwanted apps”. This feature is specially devised for parents to have control over what their kids are watching. 

 It gives access to parents to control the apps for their kids according to their age but today we are going to see how this feature helps in hiding an app.

Learn it if you are a parent wondering how to hide apps on iphone if anyone wants to keep privacy.

how to hide apps on iphone

This is a method when you want to hide a bunch of apps in one go. But, there is also another method to hide one specific app, which is mentioned below.

If you want to know then stick on till the end.

Step-by-Step Guide

Here are the few steps you need to do to hide built-in apps . you can also hide the third-party apps by doing a few more steps which are mentioned below:-

Step 1:Firstly, go to your iPhone  settings. 

Step2: tap on general.

Step3: Now go to restrictions and enable it.

Step4: it will ask you to enter a passcode.

Step5: enter the password once you enter the password the registration features will be enabled.

Step6: to can disable the toggles of  all the stock apps that you want to hide.

Hiding the Third-Party Apps

However, if you want to hide the third-party apps you need to go a little further and do some extra steps:-

  1. scroll down to the restriction page 

2. find the allowed content section

3. to go apps

4. tap on don’t allow apps

You can hide apps according to the age rate as you screen shows to age varying from 4 to 17

You can check the age rating of an app in Apple AppStore.

 How to Unhide the Apps

When you hide the apps using the restriction feature you cannot find those apps in search. you can only get your apps back by disabling the restriction feature through your passcode.

Use Siri and Search 

In the restriction mode, we can hide a bunch of apps at once whereas in the Siri and search method. we can hide one particular app that you want to hide.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step1: go to the setting of your iPhone

Step2: now tap on the siri search option

Step3: Now go to the app section and choose the app that you want to hide 

Step4: once you tap on the app that you want to hide you see three option on your screen saying

Learn from this App

Show in Search

Show Siri Suggestions

Step5: now toggle off all these options, that’s it your app will not show on the screen, and search 

How to Unhide the App

You can simply go back to settings and tap on search and setting then toggle the options again by choosing the app you already hidden this way you unhide the app.

How to Hide Apps on Iphone With App Folder 

Creating these little folders in the corner of your screen will always help you in keeping your app all to yourself.

let’s see the steps involved for how to hide apps on iphone:-

Step-by-Step Guide

step1: create a folder in your iPhone

step2: Press and hold on the app that you want to hide until an action screen pops up

step3: Now select “edit home screen”

step4: drag and hold the app that you want to hide in that folder

you can create as many pages you want just by sliding to the right.

How to Unhide the App

you can simply get the apps out of the folder with a single slide to get the app on your screen. 

Purchase History Comes in Handy to Hide Apps

step1: go to the AppStore and click on your profile

step2: now as your account page is opened tap on the purchase

step3: The app that you have purchased will show up

step4: now select the app that you want to hide and slide left to tap hide 

How to Unhide Your App

go to the hidden apps and select manage then click on unhide and then click done.


 As now you know how to hide apps on iPhone to keep your app more secure than ever, we bought you some current ways which are easy to understand and fun to implement, and super fast.

As restriction mode allows you to hide a bunch of apps at one time and Siri and search helps you hide a particular app that you want to hide.

Now pick your way and have secured privacy.

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